Well-being of the entire nation is of utmost importance to Shahid Khan Afridi. He has served Pakistan with unparalleled Cricket and Shahid Afridi Foundation. He has always aimed for a better education standard, availability of clean water and has always focused on how to improve hygiene conditions and healthcare benefits for the under privileged areas of Pakistan.
Lala has always kept an eye on the poor conditions and continuously worked towards improving them. When it comes to healthcare, skincare and personal hygiene you deserve nothing but the best! Keeping this in mind the initiative of Hopecare came to life.

Hopecare Traders (Pvt.) Ltd proudly introduces Shahid Khan Afridi’s latest venture introducing products that are safe and affordable for every common man. The quality of our State of the Art products and services are not only praiseworthy but also meets the international standards of health and hygiene which makes it even more irresistible.

After an amazing experience in healthcare division in Dubai UAE, Hopecare has decided to extend its arm and introduce our products and services in the Pakistan market.

Hope is Life and Care is its Necessity!